Focus on the goal

We do not let the challenges affect us

Take a step back

We put our actions into perspective, and we anticipate the consequences

Building victory, together

More than words, it is a state of mind

Who we are

We are one, and we rely on a specific approach and deeply rooted convictions in the way we work

Our approach

There are answers. One just needs to reach to them, to assemble them together and apply them to the situation at hand.

Identifying the true stakes

We multiply the listening points in order to be able to identify and understand the true stakes. Whatever the issue, one needs to go beyond the mirror to better understand it and put it in perspective, as well as anticipate the needs, the direct effects and the indirect ones.

Simplicity & efficiency

We go beyond the trends and the partial advice, in order to focus solely on the reality of the customer, the associates and the company. We seek and design the most efficient answer or architecture by applying and complying with simple rules of diffusion, information, motivation and accountability.

Accompanying and measuring

We think that creation is good, but not enough. There is a duty to learn, to share and to accompany the ones who carry the message, the objectives and the responsibility. There is only one reality: pragmatism in measuring every action, operation or program with relevant and calibrated indicators.

Our convictions

We do not sell what we make, but we make what sells.

  • We go back to basics so that we understand what our customers really want, and what prevents them from getting it
  • We think with a customer state of mind (and never forget that everyone is a customer)
  • We put the human being back to the centre of any reflexion and action
  • We go beyond the trends in order to focus on reality and operational efficiency
  • We go beyond any political or partisan considerations

Our promise

We will be your conductor to:

  • Read and understand your score (companies, federations, local authorities, organisers)
  • Choose and coordinate the best musicians
  • Play your piece
  • Give your piece a unique position and exposure

What we do

We have been focusing on the activities that are most profitable to our customers


Answers are good; anticipation is better. Our one guiding principle: listening to you.

Business growth

Sales animation, network animation, conventions & kick-offs organisation.

Exhibitions and Events

They are the ultimate communication lever to create and develop proximity with the public.

Media relations

We are the primary contact to the main media (TV, radio, press, web)

Managing celebrities

We are the link between the brand and the celebrities.

Why choose us ?

We are experienced in leading companies, creating brands and managing brands


We know your jobs and the issues that go with them, because we’ve been there and done that.


We want to make your responsibilities easier and be at your side to manage your objectives and your missions.


We believe that it is necessary to go the customer’s way, and to pave the road for the contributors.


We are convinced that the human dimension and emotion are the only real keys to performance.


We think that one needs to be true and transparent.


We chose to be adaptable and reactive by emphasising the quality of our partnerships.


We work only for the results and the performance of our customers.


Our model allows us to be the most competitive.


We are not the best, nor the biggest, but our customers say that we are not the worst either.


And to finish, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and insist that one always needs to take a step back and have a good laugh from time to time.

Our references

Through realisations, references, companies and brands, here is a list of customers who trust us


A scope of representative examples of the agency’s realisations

Companies and Brands

Some of the companies, federations of brands we work with.

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Here are a few examples of the 200 celebrities we work with who can support you in your campaigns and / or events (image), your conventions (hosting, testifying

Our family

Lunacom is a counselling and steering structure entirely devoted to your communication. We benefit from the expertise of the best specialists to answer your questions and resolve your issues.









Artistic director



Light and decoration







What’s left for you to do

Now that you are “almost” convinced, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to contact us to arrange a meeting! To that effect, choose your favourite communication channel: phone, e-mail, mail, SMS, smoke signals

There’s always some warm tea and coffee in the office to welcome you!


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92000 Nanterre

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